I'm Andrea

One of the most important aspects of a photo is the emotion it conveys. While I have years of training and experience, photographing love cannot be reduced to lighting and angles.

Well before their special day. I hear my client's love story. This helps me create eye-catching images that portray the kind of affection that is unique to each couple. I pride myself in being a storyteller-photographer. 

I am a perfectionist-I take the responsibility I have on a wedding day very seriously. I speak a lot during my shoots; I believe in honesty and clear communication. If a pose needs to change, if there is a problem with the background, I will speak up. I am careful to ensure that I do not produce a lower quality of work out of shyness. 

Honesty goes both ways. If you have trusted me to be your photographer, you can also let me know when you feel uncomfortable doing something. The session is about the love you share- it is not about following a specific formula. My vision is based in yours.

My photographic style is classic, while still being artistic. I am always open to new ideas about how to make your wedding day as special as you have always wanted it to be. 

I hope you will visit my gallery to get an idea of what I can do for your. 

Warmest Regards,